Welcome to my personal profile webpage. On Betty’s Blog I am introducing some basic example codes for data analysis and visualization. Also have a look at the Image gallery for some nice plots. Please feel free to have a look at my Linkedin Profile, and previous Research Project Webpage. You can also look out for me on Kaggle, Stack Overflow, Codewars and Github.

Who am I?


An enthusiastic, fast-learning scientist, with excellent communication skills. Following an exciting Academic career, I decided to explore professional Data Science, looking for ambitious challenges, eager to combine my experience in data munging, analytics and visualization with my entrepreneurial spirit, to help making data-driven actionable decisions for innovative businesses.

Short Bio:

I received my MSc in Statistical Population Genetics from the University of Munich and completed a PhD at the University of Zurich in Evolutionary Genomics in 2012. During two independent research fellowships at the University of Bristol, I was applying big data analytics on genomic next generation sequencing data to investigate the origin of life. Following a data science fellowship with the company PIVIGO in 2016, applying time series forecasting techniques, I have been working at Royal Mail for two years as a Data Scientist. My work focuses on developing a variety of Data Science solutions around forecasting and predictive analytics for HR, business operations and marketing, emphasizing data-driven decision making.

My previous academic achievements

  • Created a business case for two high impact research projects. Established an international, multi-disciplinary network, conducted POC studies, and held budgetary responsibility. Competitive research fellowships have been awarded at a total value of €355K (My University profile)
  • Various keynote speeches at international conferences, included several awards for outstanding oral and visual presentation. (My presentations)
  • Frequent media coverage of my research. Latest article by BBC Earth online.
Education and Experience:

present Data Scientist | Royal Mail – Advanced Analytics – Group Business Intelligence, London, UK
2016 Data Science Fellow | Science to Data Science (S2DS; s2ds.org), London, UK
2016 Individual Postdoctoral Researcher | University of Bristol, UK [EU-Grant: Marie Curie Actions – project webpage: http://evoxyproject.wordpress.com ]
2014 Individual Postdoctoral Researcher | University of Bristol, UK [Swiss-Grant: Swiss National Science Fund]
2012 Doctor of Science (Dr.sc.nat.) | University of Zurich, Switzerland – Evolutionary Genetics, Computational Biology, Microbiology
2006 Master of Science (German: “Diplom”) | University of Munich, Germany – Statistical Population Genetics, Evolutionary Biology